Dame Sheila Hancock (90) is looking for a special memento: her “most treasured possession”, which is “of great personal importance” to her. The British actress has apparently lost a gold chain with four wedding rings in London. They are her parents’ rings and those from her marriages to John Thaw (1942-2002) and Alec Ross (1922-1971).

In several posts on Twitter, Hancock’s account says there is a reward from her for finding the necklace as the Metropolitan Police no longer deal with lost items. A statement said: “Sheila is so grateful to everyone who is sharing posts about her lost wedding ring necklace.” It also says: “She has not yet been found, but she thanks everyone who is trying to spread this message.”

Hancock’s team also wrote on Twitter that it was “of great personal importance” to the actress that the chain was found: “She really wants to have this personal treasure back.” Pictures of Dame Sheila Hancock with the necklace around her neck were also shared, saying she was “heartbroken to have lost her most prized possession”.

Sheila Hancock began her career in theater. She became known on TV through the BBC sitcom “The Rag Trade” in the early 1960s. Leading roles in several sitcoms followed. She also appeared in formats such as “Doctor Who”, “Casualty” or “EastEnders”. Hancock has also worked on numerous documentaries.

Hancock married actor Alec Ross in 1955 and their daughter was born in 1964. He succumbed to cancer in 1971. In 1973 she gave actor John Thaw the yes word. With him she had another daughter. Thaw also brought a daughter into the relationship from a previous marriage. The actor died in 2002 from complications from cancer.