In the “Eberhofer crime thrillers”, Sebastian Bezzel, in the role of the cult provincial police officer Franz, faces murder cases and social developments in an unambitious and lazy manner. However, Bezzel finds clear words in the dpa interview about climate change – so far not a main topic of an episode. “If someone says, ‘I don’t believe in climate change,’ that’s bullshit. It’s not a question of faith, it’s scientifically proven,” he says.

The 52-year-old sees the actions of the “last generation” in two minds. “It’s civil disobedience, it’s annoying. But maybe that’s the way it has to be. They don’t kill anyone, but they’re treated like terrorists and criminals – and they’re not.” Of course they are “very radical in their way” – and you have to get them on board. “But the thought itself is correct.”

Simon Schwarz, the private detective Rudi in the film series, has a similar view. With a view to the reactions to the members of the “Last Generation”, the 52-year-old says: “I find it shocking how much a majority in society obviously feels attacked and robbed of their freedom on an issue that actually involves their freedom will rob much more.”

When it comes to climate change, Lisa Maria Potthoff, who plays Susi in the “Eberhof crime novels,” refers primarily to future generations. “For us privately, this is a huge issue. We three all have children. Anyone who has children and is reasonably smart on the road can rightly worry and think a lot,” warns the 45-year-old.

On August 10th, the ninth installment of the provincial film series set in Bavaria entitled “Rehragout-Rendezvous” will hit the cinemas. The eighth episode “Guglhupfgeschwader” saw more than six million people when it was first broadcast on ARD last Monday.

Venison ragout rendezvous at Constantin Film