Whether in the garden or in the office, on the terrace or the balcony: In addition to the right Oktoberfest outfit, there is only one thing missing for the private Oktoberfest: the typical blue and white decoration. Below are a few ideas for your own four walls.

1. Streamers

With a length of four meters, this paper streamer set of 3 with the typical blue and white Bavarian diamond is the ideal Oktoberfest decoration for indoors and outdoors. Here are the streamers.

2. Napkins

If you invite to your personal Oktoberfest in your home garden and present the guests with a richly laid table, these napkins in the typical Oktoberfest style should not be missing. Here are the napkins.

3. Teller

These coated paper plates with blue and white decor match the beer tent set where you dine with your friends and family members. Here are the plates.

4. Maßkrug

The festival beer brewed especially for the Oktoberfest (also available online) tastes best in a classic 0.5 liter beer mug. Even at home. Here are the beer mugs in a set of 2.

5. Tablecloth

The table decoration only looks really Bavarian with a blue and white tablecloth, which is made of cotton in different sizes and also available as a paper roll. Here you get the tablecloth made of fabric.

6. Balloons

If there is something that cannot be missing at a (garden) party, then it’s balloons: in a matching blue and white design, the airy decoration can be attached anywhere. And you can play with it too. Here are the balloons.

7. Garland

These blue and white lanterns, which you can illuminate in the dark with the appropriate LED lights, are perfect for indoors and outdoors as Oktoberfest decorations. Here is the lantern.

8. Banner

So that you can also get in the mood for the Oktoberfest at home, these traditional banners made of reusable polyester fabric are ideal for hanging. Here is the banner.

9. Pennant

A garland with blue and white pennants can be hung up inside or outside in the garden – and exudes Bavarian flair to match the Oktoberfest. Here is the pennant garland.

10. Kranz

Normally, the blue and white wreaths adorn all party tents at the Oktoberfest – but the decoration also creates the right atmosphere at home in the garden or in the living room. Here is the wreath.

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