Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 33, has been a staple of Hollywood since his breakthrough role in 2010’s superhero satirical Kick-Ass. Despite his roles in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” or the “Godzilla” remake, he apparently did not like blockbuster cinema. “All of these things just happened to me. But I didn’t care about them,” Taylor-Johnson told Variety.

The star revealed that he had been asked for other “big, gigantic film series”, without naming any specific names. But instead he decided without hesitation for his family: “I really wanted to stay with my babies, I didn’t want to be separated from them”. He has two daughters with his wife Samantha (56), to whom he has been married since 2012. His partner also brought two more children into the relationship.

In the meantime, however, this attitude seems to have changed somewhat. As is well known, the star will once again slip into a role in the Marvel Universe in the coming year – the blockbuster guarantor of recent years par excellence: The strip “Kraven the Hunter” is to be released in August 2024, in which Taylor-Johnson embodies the title role.

But what he wants to avoid: “In my opinion, actors who race from job to job become damn boring”. He therefore plans to continue to choose his roles wisely and not become too omnipresent on screen.

Maybe an indication that Taylor-Johnson would definitely like the part as the new James Bond? At 33, the Brit is exactly the age that the 007 producers supposedly want for the new Bond. Consequently, his name has often appeared as one of the potential Daniel Craig successors. With about four to six years between the individual Bond parts, Taylor-Johnson would certainly have enough time for the family.