Shocking scene from Munich (ARD): In “Let the moon in the sky stand” remains the murder of a Teenager unpunished. Callousness and double standards make stunned.

The Munich- the scene of the crime (ARD) : “Let stand the moon in the sky’n” disappears a Teenager, and, it dead, The commissioners Batic and Leitmayr found determine On Sunday, 07.06.2020, at 20.15 clock in the ARD

Update from the 07.06.2020, 21.46 PM: The indifference with the 13-year-old Basti (Tim Offerhaus) in the scene from Munich (ARD) : “Let the moon in the heavens,” his friend Emil (Ben Lehmann) slew, was staggering. Even for the experienced investigator Ivo Batic (Miroslav Nemec) and Franz Leitmayr (Udo Wachtveitl).

the scene of the crime from Munich (ARD): Shocking murder of a Teenager

The cast of scene from Munich (ARD) by Christopher Schier (Director) and the writers Stefan Hafner and Thomas Weingartner transported the human Depths is excellent. Shocking how Basti’s parents dealt with the fact – which the suffering you inflicted with the leaden Silence Emil’s mother in addition. But also, how they covered that her son was a Psychopath.

+ Frightening is the indifference, with the help of Basti, played by Tim Offerhaus, a friend of Emil slew.©Tim Offerhaus/ARD

Emil’s death remained unpunished, since Basti was the age of criminal responsibility. The parents could not be prosecuted. The fact you could not comprehend, Basti had no perception of the consequences of his actions, was feeling cold, calculating – a Boy with a severe anti-social Persönlichtskeitstörung.

the scene of the crime from Munich (ARD): double moral makes Stunned

the double standards of The clamp mount left the audience at the scene from Munich (ARD) stunned, as the daughter of Hannah (Lea Zoe Voss) was made for her affair with Emil’s stepfather violently to the speech. That the son was a killer, and silence.

“I, the brave kid, am here now”, he said to his sister. Together with Hannah, who grabbed her bag and the house and left the family, wanted the Spectators just down the road. The detective looked behind the facade of a mentally brutalized family – not prosecuted and yet in your own prison back to change.

first message from the 07.06.2020: Kassel, Germany – silence. A terribly loud silence between the friends and families of Schellenberg and Kovacic after the murder of the 13-year-old Emil Kovacic (Ben Lehman). Christopher Schiers scene from Munich (ARD) : “Let the moon in the heavens“ dissected the Silence – until the scalpel to the truth penetrates. The last “scene” in the ARD before the summer break plays in the periphery of Munich, in which the families live in your send property.

The beginning of scene from Munich (ARD) reminiscent of the successful British series “Broadchurch”. A Teenage boy – almost a child – disappears, only to be murdered shortly thereafter found. The only Integrity is the mother who knows when she sees the empty bed of her son, that something Bad has happened to – all others are Suspect. Has to do the Driving on a Sexparkplatz something with Emil’s death? He observed something and had to die because of that?

the scene of the crime from Munich (ARD): A Villa full of lizards

The best friend of the murdered Emil was Basti Schellenberg (Tim Offerhaus). As the scene-of-crime-commissioners Ivo Batic (Miroslav Nemec) and Franz Leitmayr (Udo Wachtveitl) arrive to interview the family, they are puzzled for the time being. Through the seemingly perfect Villa walking lizards. “The fall from the roof,” says mother Antonia (Victoria Mayer) to the commissioners. The house looks like something out of a glossy magazine, but the lizards are ignored?

no, there’s something wrong here. Apparently the clamp mount to have everything under control, but it acts, as you would have to spend all of their energy for something else. A house like a prison – in which the desperate mother of Emil, superbly played by Laura Tonke, a visit to no place more. Grief scares, penetrates into the brittle facade, disgusts almost.

the scene of the crime from Munich (ARD): No time for grief

Emil’s stepfather has his working as a medic in the head and in addition, their own secrets. Emil’s father died years ago. And thus one sees as a spectator to the Suffering of this woman who can share with anyone. Because Emil’s buddy Basti acts strangely indifferent and even callous.

in the Middle of the second child of the clamp mount, Hannah, played by Leo, Zoe Voss, which already showed the webseries “pressure” that you could be one of the great German actor to be inside. She is the Only one of the family in this scene from Munich (ARD) , which reacts, how you react should be affected on the death of the young:.

the scene of the crime from Munich (ARD): Voltaire in the interrogation room

“to The Living we owe respect. The dead the truth“, quoted in the scene of the crime-chief inspector Ivo Batic at the end in the interrogation room, Voltaire. Wherein he was of the opinion that the Living deserve the truth.

colleague Franz Leitmayr taught next door the same message: The prosecution in the one, the other, that the family Kovacic has a right to know who killed her son.

The third of Göttingen-“the scene” in the ARD determined Lindholm and Schmitz after the death of a rightwing blogger. Especially the contradictions made the appeal. A Criticism.

the scene of the crime from Weimar: In “The last Schrey” to identify the scene of the crime-investigators in the case of a kidnapping. The commissioners mandrel and Lessing also Laugh. An exciting scene of the crime.

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