Your child’s motor development progresses in the first year of life. Toddlers learn to crawl and may already be able to walk. Your child’s ability to speak also develops and it learns to communicate better and better with its environment.

One-year-old toddlers can usually stand and start taking their first steps before their first birthday. Most children learn to walk on their own between 12 and 14 months. Your child has spent the last few months exploring the world more and more, testing all their senses. It follows things around it or grabs things and shakes them to make noise. As soon as the toddler phase begins, your child’s world becomes progressively larger. Crawling, it can move towards things or even take first steps. Grabbing objects more accurately, holding them and throwing them away again, your child can do that too at the age of one year. Fine motor skills have evolved, they can build and collapse small towers, make music, do wooden puzzles or put shapes in the right places in a cube. Exercise is just as much fun for toddlers at one year old. Whether driving a push car, dancing or swinging. Here you can see which games promote the skills of one-year-olds.

Your child’s fine motor skills are constantly improving, they can grab and move things in a targeted manner. Lego offers its larger version of the popular building blocks exactly for this, because with Lego Duplo children can playfully test creative thinking, problem-solving skills, spatial perception and fine motor skills while building.

The former baby legs are still a bit shaky at the beginning. You can support your child in learning to walk with a baby walker. So your offspring can hold on to the practical trolley and always have a mobile play station with them. This cart features rotating gears and sliding elements.

Simple jigsaw puzzles can delight even one-year-old children as toys. So-called gripping puzzles consist of just a few elements and have a small handle to hold on to. It is important to place the individual parts in the right place on the wooden board. Not so easy for small hands with coarse motor skills, which is why the gripping puzzle trains the fine motor skills of the little ones particularly well.

The ball is a timeless toy. Animals are shown on this ball. The toy also has a music button and includes five sung songs and 15 melodies. The ball playfully trains the motor skills of small children. Older children, on the other hand, can use it to learn animals, colors and the numbers from one to six.

Thanks to a touch book, children from the age of twelve months can discover the animal world in a playful way. It is a nice pastime for parents and children and offers the offspring the chance to get to know animals by hearing and touching them.

A play table directly combines different toys for one-year-olds in one device. It works electrically and, in addition to music, even has a steering wheel with a horn or a telephone. It’s great fun for the little ones, but it might get noisy here or there for adults. Because a gaming table makes noises and flashes in all colors.

Stuffed animals are toys and playmates in one. Most annuals probably already have a variety of stuffed animals. That’s not surprising, since they’re such a great way to tell and act out stories.

This dino is challenging because the toy is meant to be fed with colors, shapes, numbers and fruit or vegetables. When the dino is fed the colorful food chips, he recognizes and names them before they disappear into his stomach where they can be stored. This toy also makes small children’s hearts beat faster, because it’s not only colourful, it also makes noises. In total, it has eleven sung songs and sentences as well as 20 children’s melodies to dance to.


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