It’s been almost exactly a year since the life of Kürsat Yildirim, known everywhere as “Chico”, turned completely upside down from one day to the next. The Dortmund player had won almost ten million euros in the lottery.

A whole lot of money – which almost seems like peanuts compared to what another lucky person from Germany won. A player from North Rhine-Westphalia hit the Eurojackpot with seven correct numbers and won a good 66 million euros, as the West German Lottery announced this week. And because Chico now has some experience with unexpected wealth, he has some tips for the winner – from millionaire to millionaire.

“He should contact me urgently. Then two multimillionaires can drink coffee. No, joking aside. I wish him all the best. I think he knows what he’s doing with it,” Chico told “T-Online”. The lottery winner should think carefully about whether he wants to go public with his winnings. This is “not for everyone”.

“Sometimes there are thousands of people on your doorstep that you don’t even know – they’re all begging for money,” he reports. Chico himself had proactively sought out publicity after his jackpot, giving interviews and appearing on television shows. He showed off expensive cars and luxury clothes on Instagram. His lottery win has made him a minor celebrity, which obviously doesn’t bother him: “I don’t regret anything and would do it the same way again,” he told “T-Online.”

However, very little is known about the Eurojackpot winner. According to the lottery company, the person comes from the Cologne area. Experts and lotteries strongly advise against making a win of this amount public – also to avoid endangering your own safety.

Sources: “T-Online” / “West German Lottery”

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