To shorten the waiting time until Christmas Eve, it is traditional to set up an Advent calendar. 24 small gifts start the countdown to Christmas. As every year, classic calendars with chocolate are popular, but more unusual Advent calendars also arouse great interest. Here you will find inspiration for beautiful Advent calendars for women – and everyone else.

Eis offers an erotic Advent calendar and tempts with surprises such as bondage tape, a vibrator or a caressing feather. The 24 Advent gifts are ideal for couples and are intended to provide new, exciting adventures. In addition to sex toys, this also includes bondage games and massage oils.

As we all know, the days are shorter at Christmas time. That’s why festive lights illuminate the darkness. Scented candles are particularly popular in winter and can sweeten the Christmas season. The American brand Yankee Candle has been producing high-quality scented candles for decades and is also very popular in Germany. The matching Yankee Candle Advent calendar is therefore ideal for the Christmas season.

At Christmas time it smells like delicious spices everywhere. The Spice Advent Calendar from Ankerkraut is ideal for the most festive time of the year. 24 different spices are hidden behind 24 doors. These include classics or new creations such as a special Christmas spice. The spices are high quality and are manufactured in the port of Hamburg.

Essie nail polish offers a wide range of colors and is designed to last a long time on the nails. The popular brand is offering an Essie Advent calendar in 2023 with 24 different nail polishes and care products. This calendar is for every woman who likes to experiment with different colors and values ​​good polish.

Muesli tastes good all year round and the Advent calendar from My Muesli surprises with 24 individual varieties. There are delicious organic mueslis hidden behind every door, nine winter creations of which are not available for purchase – but can be found exclusively in the Advent calendar. However, you will need a lot of space at home because the calendar has a decent size of 37 by 37 centimeters.

This Advent calendar is perfect for every hobby cook and every food junkie. In addition to a booklet with DIY decoration ideas, cooking recipes and gift ideas for Christmas, you will find 24 delicacies in the Aboutfood Gourmet Advent Calendar. Ten snacks come from other countries, so you can discover new flavors. There is also a more expensive premium Advent calendar and a vegan version.

Just as important as tasty snacks are good drinks. Aboutfood is therefore launching a high-quality gin Advent calendar in 2023. So you can try 24 different types of gin with your loved ones. Cocktail recipes and gin tasting guides are also included.

Advent calendars with chocolate are among the most popular classics. That’s why Lindt chocolate is a must at Christmas time. In the Lindt Lindor Advent calendar you will find 24 different creations from whole milk to dark chocolate.

Cosmetics are also classics when it comes to Advent calendars. So it’s no surprise that the well-known cosmetics manufacturer Maybelline also offers a beauty advent calendar. The 24 gifts are varied and cover different products from lipsticks to mascara and nail polish.

Beauty Advent calendars are very popular every year. This also applies to the Nivea Advent calendar. Of course, the classic Nivea cream is included, but also new products such as relaxing face masks or practical items such as a shower sponge. Nivea has had a tradition in Germany since 1911 and is even sold in mass quantities in countries such as China and the USA.

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