Ulrika Jonsson (54), has a bad taste for Brooklyn Beckham’s new passion for cooking.Victoria Beckham’s eldest son, 22, is currently lapping up.
This comes just a month after Brooklyn launched Cookin’ with Brooklyn online.

James Corden’s Late Late Show in America featured his love for cooking, with the pair making steak frites together.


Ulrika wrote: “Admittedly he is as handsome as his day is long.


“He is adorable and his parents love him.

“But watching Brooklyn Beckham, a US host on The Late Late Show With James Corden make a steak and chips using mushy peas after he discovered that he enjoys cooking during lockdown made me bitter.”

Ulrika stated: “My thoughts go out to friends and colleagues who are trained chefs, and deserved to be at the Corden Table, rather than rookie Brooklyn.

“I am sure that I am not the only one with the same thoughts about nepotism or unfair advantage.

It’s no surprise that this type of display incites jealousy as well as frustration.


Brooklyn’s landing on TV without proper training as a chef left her frustrated, but she admitted that it can be difficult to be a child with famous parents.

Ulrika stated that it was difficult for children who are born into fame and fortune to forge their own paths without being influenced by their A-List relatives.

The duo chatted together while they cooked together on Corden’s show before trying to imitate Gordon Ramsay, 55, as a TV chef.


Brooklyn shared his romantic plans for Valentine’s Day with Nicola Peltz (27), who he called “whatever she likes”.

After their meals were done, Gavin & Stacey star James said: “Your steak looks better than mine.”

After both steaks were analyzed, Brooklyn was declared the winner.

Victoria, the mother of the star, was quick to praise him for his performance on The Late Late Show.

Brooklyn’s Instagram post promotion of the episode prompted this fashion designer to respond: “Can’t Wait.” Love u xxxx VB x.”


Nicola, his girlfriend, also gushed that Nicola was proud of him and said “I’m so proud to you and you are amazing!”

Brooklyn was mocked for taking part in a cooking segment on The Today Show last October, which some thought was too easy.

The son of Manchester United legend David Beckham demonstrated how to make a breakfast sandwich during the program.

Brooklyn was seen frying eggs for sandwiches, along with pre-prepared bacon, sausages, and other ingredients.

Then, he assembled the food items between two slices.

He explained that he has always loved food, and that quarantine made it more difficult for him to eat.

“My fiancee began filming me, and I started posting it. It’s something I love to do.”