Since they announced their engagement and romance last year, people have been fascinated with Aaron Rodgers’ and Shailene Woodley’s stories. Rumours circulated earlier this year that they had split up, which could mean the joy is over. After the split, rumors of a reunion began to circulate. However, it was confirmed last week that they had actually broken up again. Woodley, however, has written a new post about her loss and neither of them has acknowledged the change in events.

Shailene Woodley shared some of her thoughts on her Instagram stories. In her article, she cited Martn Prechtel’s words. The beautiful words offer a delicate and honest perspective on loss.

“Grief for someone we have lost or for a country or home that we have lost is the best praise we can give them.” Grief is praise because it is the natural way that love honors what it has lost. Seeing grief this way allows us to be more compassionate and less discouraged about the pain we feel.

Alumna of Big Little Lies didn’t stop there. She also included a quote from Christine Cane in another blog post. The author wrote:

Sometimes, you may think you have been buried when in fact you were planted.

Although Aaron Rodgers has not spoken to Shailene Woodley about their relationship, her thoughts about loss at the moment don’t seem accidental. It’s not easy to break up with someone you have known for a long period of time. Woodley seems to be more contemplative about how she will deal with the end of a relationship at this stage in her life.

She and Aaron Rodgers were engaged in the spring 2021. The actress spoke out about her engagement to Aaron Rodgers, a man who “throws balls” as a career. She seemed to enjoy her appearance on Jeopardy as a guest presenter. She enjoyed it more than she did. At the time of their split in February, reports suggested that Rodgers was prioritising his job over all else. Rodgers expressed his gratitude to her on social media for everything she did for him. According to sources, Rodgers was not happy with the terms on which her boyfriend left her when the Descendants star split up.

It is not possible to predict if the couple will take another ride on the love carousel. While they are filming their next projects, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shailene Woodley continues to share heartfelt stories.