Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born in Saint Michael, Barbados. Since her 2005 album “Music of the Sun”, Rihanna is a pop star who has topped charts across all genres. Forbes recently declared Rihanna a billionaire, making her second only to Oprah as the most successful female entertainer.

Rihanna’s multi-billion dollar net worth was not earned overnight. Rihanna was a well-respected performer and the 2009 Glamour Woman Of The Year recipient made her fortune before she turned 30.


Forbes reports that her fortune is approximately $1.4 billion. Rihanna holds 50% of Fenty Beauty. Rest comes from her lingerie business Savage x Fenty which is valued at approximately $270 million. The rest are her earnings as a musician.

Rihanna Songs and Albums

2005’s Music of the Sun was Rihanna’s debut album. It catapulted her stardom. According to Billboard, the album remained at the top of the charts for 35 consecutive weeks after it was released by Def Jam Records. Her sophomore album, “A Girl Like Me”, was released the following year. It sold 3 million copies and earned her $4 million.

In 2007, she released “Good Girl Gone Bad”, which sold 7,000,000 copies and earned her $15,000,000. RiRi’s fourth album, “Rated R”, was released in 2009. It sold 3,000,000 copies and added $5.5 million to her networth.

Rihanna’s music was mainstream by 2010, and she was earning $410,000 per show on her “Last Girl on Earth Tour”. Her next album, “Loud”, was also released. It sold 5.7 millions copies and earned her $12,000,000. In 2011, her next hit album, “Talk That Talk”, debuted. It sold 5.5 million copies and earned her $10.5 million.

Rihanna’s “Unapologetic”, album was released in 2012. It sold 4,000,000 copies and earned her $6.3million. She was earning $800,000. The best-selling songs by Rihanna include “Love the Way You Lie” (performed with Eminem), “We Found Love” (featuring Calvin Harris) and “Disturbia”.

She left Def Jam Records in 2014 to join the record label of Jay Z , her mentor and friend, Roc Nation. In January 2016, she released “Anti”, her first album, on the new label. It was initially available for streaming only on Tidal. The album sold less than 1000 copies in its first week but quickly rose to the top of the charts. The album was certified platinum and reached the No. 1 spot on iTunes.

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty cosmetic line was released in 2017, after two years of development.

According to the website, Rihanna founded Fenty Beauty “so women everywhere would be included.” The brand was launched in over 1,600 retail stores in 17 countries. Social media buzz grew rapidly when the brand revealed 40 different foundation shades, many in difficult-to-find shades. This is in keeping with Rihanna’s goal to create a makeup brand that caters for all skin types, ethnicities, and personal styles.

Fenty Beauty was transformed by RiRi into a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. Half of it is still owned by her. To launch the brand online, she partnered with LVMH. The brand made more than $550m in annual revenue in its first calendar year, surpassing Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Alba’s cosmetics lines.

Rihanna’s Personal Life

Rihanna has had a lot of love affairs over the years. There have been San Diego Padres outfielder Matt Kemp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Drake, as well as actor-turned-rapper Drake. Kylie Jenner even had a baby daddy in Travis Scott. None of these relationships have been as prominent as her relationship to Chris Brown.

In 2008, the couple made their relationship public. However, Brown attacked Rihanna in his car in February 2009. He left Rihanna bleeding on the streetside and beat her. They broke up, but they briefly reconciled three year later. Brown gave Rihanna a pair Neil Lane chandelier earrings for $65,000 during the time they were back together.

Rihanna has a penchant to buy expensive jewelry. She bought a 11,000-square-foot home in Pacific Palisades for $12 million in 2012. It was relisted for $15 million two years later. According to reports, the singer owns a $22million home in Barbados, a London house and two Los Angeles condos.

After RiRi was due to attend an education conference in Senegal with French President Emmanuel Macron, religious groups in Senegal criticized her. Reports claim that RiRi was protested by nearly two dozen Islamic groups, claiming she had ties to the Illuminati as well as the Freemasons.

ASAP Rocky is Rihanna’s current boyfriend. Rihanna revealed her first pregnancy by showing off her baby bump in New York City over the weekend of January 2022.

Rihanna’s Other Endeavors

Rihanna was not content to be on the top of the charts or make her mark in the music industry. These are just a few of the many industries where this multi-talented mogul made her mark.

Rihanna’s Acting Career

Rihanna, multitalented and talented, has proven that she can act. She made the move to the silver screen with “Battleship” in 2012, which grossed $303 million worldwide. Rihanna’s other movies include “This Is the End”, “Annie,” and “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.”

She is no stranger to small-screen roles, including on “Love Thy Neighbor”, “Bates Motel” or “Guava Island”.

Rihanna’s Grammy Awards

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: 2008 – “Umbrella” (feat. Jay-Z, 2010 – Run This Town (w/ Jay Z & KanyeWest), 2012 – “All of the Lights”, (w/ KanyeWest, Kid Cudi and Fergie), 2015–“The Monster”(w/ Eminem).
Best Rap Song: 2010, “Run This Town” (w/ Jay Z & Kanye West).
Best Dance Recordings: 2011, “Only Girl (In the World),”
Best Short-Form Music Video: 2013 “We Found Love” (feat. Calvin Harris
Best Urban Contemporary Album: 2014.
Best Rap/Sung Performance: 2018 – “Loyalty” (w/ Kendrick Lamar)