in Front of the Ministry of Finance Xtinction Rebellion calls for a halt of investments in natural gas and coal.

orange climate activists*protest before the Ministry of Finance against Fossil fuels photo: Kate Cahoon

BERLIN taz | On the way to the Federal Ministry of Finance, a man binds on Tuesday morning, a homemade, white paper vest over his black coat. In bright colors he has written “Oil is over” on his vest. In front of the large, grey building of the Ministry of Finance in William street, he encounters people in orange-colored body suits wearing colored Banner. Others keep the silver, the inflated hose on the “Stop Gas”is.

The people in suits are in Berlin*interior and climate activists of the environmental movements, Extinction, Rebellion, of environmental assistance and the non-governmental organization Campact. The suits are intended to represent the employees of natural gas companies. The hose in your hands symbolizes a natural gas pipeline. With your action, “Fossil Fuels Kill: coal, Oil and Gas, the money faucet to turn” not to challenge the Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) to Finance fossil fuels longer.

occasion of the vote on February 14. To blocked November of a new fossil-free energy policy of the European investment Bank (EIB), Germany currently. The Motto ─░nterbahis of the action is: “edition of the divest instead of Invest”. No funding for coal, Oil and Gas, and instead support renewable energy.

Talk to The group of about 50 people, freezes and sings in the chorus: “Fight back, resist, against the Fossil fuel here in the country”. The event has become to the cold Tuesday morning, more intimate, than you would have casino sitesi thought, said Anne Marie Botzki of Extinction, Rebellion. From their perspective, the investment in Gas, coal and Oil is not only climate madness, but also economic madness. Cyclists*to happen inside the action, groups of pupils watching the action from afar. Four police officers stand at the edge. An older Participant has learned about your son from the event.

you can try as often as possible, to participate in actions of Extinction, Rebellion. Your name don’t want to call them, because they have a fear of negative consequences in their work with pupils.”Everything we love is in danger”, says Katja George You talk about “climate enemy of Germany”. A redistribution of funds and in view of the climate crisis and the pressure from the population. The Federal government should do therefore in the energy transition with the tasks in hand.