Phillip Schofield, host of This Morning, couldn’t resist making a joke about Prime Minister Boris Johnson while hosting Thursday’s show with Holly Willoughby

Phillip Schofield was not shy on Thursday’s This Morning when they discussed Sue Gray’s recent report about ‘Partygate’.

After a four-month investigation by Sue Gray, the Met Police and Boris Johnson, the long-awaited party report was published Wednesday. It contains 37 pages and nine photographs of the Prime Minister at Downing Street.

In the scathing Covid lockdown party report, Boris Johnson was told that he must “bear accountability” for the brazen No10 gatherings, eight of which he attended.

Phillip and Holly Willoughby, his co-host, invited Bev Turner (and Tom Swarbrick) into the ITV studio for a discussion on the most recent headlines. The conversation quickly turned to Boris and the rest of the ITV crew.

The foursome spoke out about the government’s PS10billion support package, which will supposedly help people pay their rising energy bills. Tom stated: “The government is still slightly all over the place regarding how to pay it, how it should be targeted, and that is going down to them politically because many Tory MPs are very concerned about this.”

Phillip quickly responded: “Well, they’re too focused on their rubbish parties!” That’s the problem, right?

Holly, mother of three, said “Shall we discuss this ‘Partygate” thing?” It’s something we have done every day for five years. We might as well continue it now!

Holly was shocked when Holly spoke out about the behavior at the parties and agreed that it “paints an awful picture”.