A 57-year-old Munich is from a Cycling trip in Rosenheim missing. Suddenly the man was out of reach now, his body was found.

A 57-year-old man from Munich was missing. To a date with a friend, he never. Now there is a sad certainty.

Update from 10. June 2020, 11: 35 p.m.: Of missing 57-year-old Munich is was found dead.

such As the Munich police, it was the wanted man at 30. In may of passers-by in a lake in the district of Erding dead . The investigations initiated over the criminal investigation Department inspection, Erding showed that it is the missing 57-year-old Munich. The performed post-mortem showed cause of death as Drown . The investigations of the judicial police Erding showed no initial suspicion of a Crime or accident.

initial meld of 15. May 2020

in Munich after the bike tour disappeared without a trace: At the appointment, he never came – police released a photo

Munich – A 57 years man from Munich since the 5. May as missing. As the police tells, was the Munich-based last on his bike on a Tour in Rosenheim space on-the-go.

most Recently, he was on 5. May at lunch time a picture of a memorial stone for the former Roman road at Pfaffenhofen on Inn posted. For the afternoon he had arranged to meet with a friend . However, he arrived at this appointment never.

in Munich after the bike tour disappeared without a trace – In the case of appointment he never came to

from this moment on he is no longer to reach. There were not next signs of life of him. As the police reported, reimbursed his family at 9. May a missing view . Despite police investigations and various search actions the whereabouts of the 57-Year-old could not be determined so far.

did A new track on 10. May on: The Bicycle of 57-year-old Munich was blocked found on Bicycle Parking space on the station to cal Chen . An accompanying blue bike bag was at the wheel. If he is driven from the local station could not yet be determined.

+ The bike of the missing in Munich was found at the train station in shear cells.©Police in Munich

Missing: police are seeking witnesses to Munich after a bike ride in Rosenheim disappeared

The missing Munich is described as follows: 57 years old, about 187 cm tall, about 100 kg heavy, externally, younger appearance, burly figure. In addition, he has a slim, slightly thinning brown hair with a receding hairline, brown eyes, and usually wears with Three-days-beard. To the clothing of the Missing no statement can be made. Eventually, he leads a blue bike bag , which no longer was on, found in the Bicycle .

call: persons who can give relevant information, be. asked, with the police Munich , Commissariat 14, Tel 089/2910-0, or any other police Department in connection to.


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