Hagerty’s most well-known roles are in ‘Friends’ and ‘Somebody Somewhere.

Mike Hagerty, an actor who played roles in “Friends”, and “Somebody Somewhere”, has passed away. He was 67.

Bridget Everett shared Hagerty’s news via social media on Friday.

Everett posted on Instagram, “With great sorrow, the family Michael G. Hagerty annouced his death yesterday in Los Angeles,” Everett wrote.

Everett, who starred as Hagerty in “Somebody Somewhere”, wrote a tribute to Hagerty, describing Hagerty “a beloved actor character, his love for Chicago and his family were his cornerstones.”

“Mike, a loving husband and father, is survived by Mary Kathryn, Mary Ann Hagerty [and] Kathleen O’Rourke as well as their daughter Meg. She added that he will be missed.”

The cause of death is not yet known.

Hagerty is most well-known for his role as the building superintendent in “Friends.” He also played the role of farmer Ed Miller in “Somebody Somewhere.” Everett was the father of Miller.

Everett shared another Instagram post dedicated Hagerty, with photos of Hagerty throughout the years.

She wrote, “I loved Mike from the moment i met him.” He was truly special. He was warm, funny, and never met anyone else. We are so sorry he is gone. Mike was loved by everyone on Somebody Somewhere. We are thinking of his family and wife.

Everett received condolences from Instagram users. Chelsea Handler simply wrote, “Oh no.” Lennon Parham wrote “Loved and appreciated by so many.” They are all in my thoughts and prayers.