“Did you fart?” In a post-op video that was filmed at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, Lala Kent asks her friends “Did I fart?”

After a quick touch-up, Lala Kent appears to be in good health.

Vanderpump Rules’ star, aged 31, shared a funny post-op video of herself recovering in hospital after having her breasts pierced and her left ear pinched back. She thanked Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group for the post.

The clip shows her friends approaching her with their cameras as she lies in a hoodie with her head wrapped with gauze. “Did you fart?” She asks them as soon as they approach.

“I feel groggy. She said that she wanted her bed…and Housewives.

Kent laughed when Kent said Kent “did so well” during the operation. Of course I did amazing.”

Kent added the caption: “I continued on to the elevator, announcing that I had my boobs done to all who entered,” Kent wrote. “Some might wonder why my head has been wrapped up. My sweet left ear was pinned back because we were all so focused on boobie chat. “I feel so happy.”

Kent told PEOPLE previously that she “loves” plastic surgery and confessed to having had her breasts removed before. Kent stated in 2018 that “I feel there were times when I completely overdo it.”

She said, “So I have had every part of mine injected.” “The filler in my cheekbones, Botox above my eyebrow, and the lips are the things that I have decided to stop because it makes me feel like a walking cat-duck.” It’s like a cat and duck had a baby, and that’s me.

Kent said, “But hey! If you like injections, and you like plastic surgeon, I feel like, you feel comfortable, and you feel beautiful,”