Ellen Barkin, actor, tells it that Johnny Depp was controlling, jealous, and angry back in the 1990s when they were dating.

Barkin asked Depp, “Where are your going?” “Who are your going with?” Barkin asked. “What did you do last night?”

Barkin said that he had a scratch on his back once, which made him very angry. He claimed it was from him having sex in a relationship with someone else.

Barkin spoke out about her relationship to Depp in an earlier taped deposition, which was recorded by Amber Heard, a Virginia lawyer.

Heard’s lawyers are trying to subvert Depp’s libel suit against her. Depp claims that a 2018 Washington Post op-ed piece Heard wrote unfairly depicted him as a domestic abuser. It also cost him a lucrative Hollywood career, which included the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie franchise.

Depp testified that he did not strike Heard and was the victim of her abuse. Heard’s lawyers claim that these denials are not credible because Heard drank and used drugs until the point of blacking out.

Barkin testified during Barkin’s deposition that Depp was always drinking, smoking or using illegal drugs. Barkin stated that she was with Depp for three to five years and described the relationship as more sexual than romantic.

Barkin starred alongside Depp in “Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas” as Barkin. Barkin claimed that Depp threw the wine bottle in her face while he was fighting in a hotel room with his friends. She said that she did not know why Depp threw the wine bottle.

Heard’s lawyers argue that Depp’s career-freefall was due to his bad behavior, not Heard’s op-ed. They witnessed witness testimony that charted Depp’s rise from being “the biggest movie star” to struggling with drugs, money, and the ability to turn up on time at film sets.

Tracey Jacobs was Depp’s agent for over 30 years. She said that Depp was “showing-up late to set consistently on almost every movie” in their final years of working together.

Jacobs stated, “I was very open with him and said, “You’ve got the right to stop doing that – it is hurting you.” It did.

Jacobs stated that Depp was an exceptional talent, but that his behavior before he fired him in 2016 made him less professional, Jacobs added.

Jacobs stated, “And it also got around the town.” Jacobs said, “People talk, it’s small town. It made people reluctant to use it.”

Joel Mandel, Depp’s former business manager, stated in an earlier recorded deposition, that the films of “Pirates of the Caribbean” had “catapulted” him to a new level of success.

Mandel stated that it meant more employees. It meant purchasing additional property. It was a way to live a longer and more luxurious life.

Things started to change in 2010. Mandel stated that it became clear that there were problems with alcohol and drug abuse. “That translated into more erratic behavior and more stressful behavior, which made it more difficult for me to have the conversations that I needed to do my job.

Mandel stated that Depp spent around $100,000 per month on a doctor and staff to help his sobriety. He said that he spent $300,000.00 per month on full-time employees. He also said that Depp has spent thousands of dollars per month on prescription drugs.

Mandel stated that “the spending levels had risen very, very, extremely high and required that level incredibly high income to maintain.” “And when it fell off, the disconnect became untenable.”

Mandel stated that he was worried about Depp’s finances in 2015 and that Depp responded with anger. He claimed that Depp fired him in 2016.

Bruce Witkin was a musician and friend of Depp for almost 40 years. He testified in a recorded deposition that Depp can become jealous over his romantic relationships.

Witkin stated that Heard was jealous of her when she was away filming a movie or doing something that he couldn’t see. He would be a hard worker, I think.

Witkin claimed that he saw bruises on Heard’s arm while he was working with Depp on a documentary on Keith Richards, the Rolling Stones guitarist. He also saw Depp once with a “fat lips”. Witkin claimed that he had never seen Depp and Heard physically abuse one another.