Tom Bachik, celebrity manicurist shared the caption “Jen and Ben forever” along with a photo of the manicure

Jennifer Lopez shows her love for Ben Affleck by getting a customized manicure

Tom Bachik, celebrity manicurist, shared a photo Tuesday of her manicure. It featured a gold cross design, with “B” representing Ben Affleck (49), and “J” representing Jennifer Lopez (52). A gold heart was also included on her middle finger.

Bachik shared, “If you don’t know, then you know Jen & Ben forever #couplesgoalsforthe boss @jlo#nailsbytombachik.”

The manicure was the perfect match for her stunning green diamond engagement ring.

The music star opened up in April about the unique color of the diamond in her On the JLo newsletter, shortly after she got engaged.

Loped said that “I always say that the color green is mine lucky color,” referring to the Versace jungle-print gown she wore to 2000 Grammys. “Maybe you can recall a particular green dress.”

She continued, “I realized that there are many times in my life when amazing things have happened because I was wearing green.”

Lopez’s manicure was not the first time Lopez has referred to Affleck’s on-again love for Lopez.

Lopez was seen wearing a “BEN” necklace in August 2021 while walking the streets of Portofino (Italy) months after their romance had ended. Affleck gifted Lopez the Foundrae piece.

PEOPLE was informed by Beth Bugdaycay, Foundrae’s co-founder and creative director. The piece Lopez wore is from the celebrity-loved jewelry collection, which was custom-designed for him. She expressed her delight at Lopez’s inclusion in the pieces. “For me, Foundrae represents empowerment and self-expression, and Jennifer is that.”

E! was also informed by Bugdaycay. E! was also informed by Bugdaycay that they had considered other necklace designs, such as “blossoms [that] have been fed with passion and continue their blooming, even in darkness… And [a] thorn] is the risk we take for something we love, and for living life fully and without reserve.”