Harry Styles stated that he was “absolutely devastated” by recent mass shootings in America. He announced that Everytown for Gun Safety will be his partner during his Love On Tour.

Harry Styles uses his voice to protest gun violence in America.

After the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas that claimed 21 lives, the Grammy Award winner, 28, announced Friday that Everytown for Gun Safety will be his partner on the upcoming Love On Tour.

Styles released a statement saying that she was devastated by the recent spate of mass shootings in America. The latest occurred at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde Texas. We will partner with Everytown, who fight gun violence. We will also share their recommended action items and donate to their efforts on our North American tour.

A statistic from Everytown Research & Policy was also included in the post. It revealed that firearms are the leading cause for death among children and teens in America. According to the organization, 18,000 children under 19 years old are shot each year and 3 million are exposed for gun violence.

Styles will donate the proceeds of the tour and matching contributions from Live Nation, which total more than $1,000,000, to Everytown. This news comes after 42 of his shows were sold out, plus the 10 additional stops he added to his tour last week.

A little over a week before Tuesday’s school shooting, which killed 19 students and 2 adults, 10 Black men were also shot in Buffalo, N.Y., in a shooting at a grocery store.

Texas resident Salvador Ramos (18), was the shooter. He fled his car nearby and entered the school around 11:15 a.m.