Amber Heard is suing Johnny Depp for alleged sexual abuse allegations in a newspaper article.

According to Amber Heard, Kate Moss claims Johnny Depp never pushed her down stairs. This contradicts rumours that Amber Heard discussed during the US defamation trial.

Before Depp clashed against Heard’s lawyer in a dramatic return from the witness box, the British supermodel appeared via videolink.

Depp sued Heard for an article she wrote in The Washington Post in 2018. His lawyers claim that it falsely implied that he had physically and sexually abused his wife while they were together.

Heard is suing Depp for $100m. (PS80m).

Depp’s legal team asked Moss to testify. She seemed to be happy when she was named by Heard last week.

According to the actress, Depp had told Moss that he had shoved him down a flight stairs.

Moss, speaking from Gloucestershire, said that the allegation about the incident at GoldenEye in Jamaica was false.

She said, “We were leaving the bedroom and Johnny left the area before me and it had been raining.”

“As I left the bedroom, I slid down stairs and hurt my back. I was shocked because I didn’t know what had just happened.

“Depp ran back to me and carried my body to my room, where he got me medical attention.”

Benjamin Chew, Depp’s lawyer, asked Moss whether he had ever pushed her down the stairs.

She replied, “No, he never pushed, kicked, or threw” her.

Moss’s testimony at Fairfax County District Court, Virginia took only two minutes.