major route of transmission of the Coronavirus is the droplet infection. A new study wants to demonstrate how the viruses enter the body – it does not happen on the mouth!

mouth protection mask* must cover, with good reason, the mouth and the nose. Corona virus penetration through the respiratory tract into the body and can cause severe lung inflammation. Researchers found now, which entry of the virus gate preferably move in the body.

For your knowledge, groomed Yixuan Hou and his research team from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, corona viruses. Using genetic engineering, scientists have constructed a green fluorescent variant of the Virus, by were planting a green lustrous Protein into the genome. the In Trying to understand the researchers, the better, which way in the body, the Virus prefers .

cilia and ACE2 receptors: These cells facilitate the Coronavirus Penetration

So, it was observed that Sars-CoV-2 usually hits first on the nasal mucosa and in the airway gets. The result is hardly surprising: As you breathe primarily through the nose by the ambient air and not through the mouth. But there is also a scientific explanation: So viruses should. the study authors suggest that certain cilia-bearing cells in the nasal mucosa prefer , since these have a relatively large number of ACE2 receptors Via these receptors, the virus get into the cells and can proliferate and spread.

skin, As in the nasal mucosa, especially many of the receptors are to be found, can dock the Virus is particularly good here – even better than in the pharynx, bronchi, and alveoli . The concluded Hou and his Team through the observation of the fluorescent corona virus.

Also, previous studies were able to show that the cilia-equipped cilia cells have the Virus especially many gateways, if you have a high concentration of ACE2 receptors, such as the daily mirror reported. Director of infectious diseases at the University hospital of Regensburg, Bernd Salzberger, according to the infection with corona virus on the nasal mucous membrane to the skin to be more plausible than a direct infection of the bronchial mucosa. “It is and can’t be closed, is that a direct infection of the lung ,” says Mr. Berger can also be found.

The study

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