“Another set?!” Abby De La Rosa posted on Instagram when she announced her pregnancy

Abby De La Rosa is currently pregnant

On Friday, the 31-year-old DJ announced via Instagram that she was pregnant. She welcomed twins Zion Mixolydian (Zillion Heir) with Nick Cannon in June 2021.

De La Rosa smiles as she sits on a decorative bed that has “BABY” written on it, and places her hand next to her baby bump in a clip shared by her Instagram feed.

“IM PREGNANT A second set of twins?” De La Rosa teased the caption.

Although she did not reveal the identity of the father, she said that she would be posting all the exclusive content and answering any questions you’d like to know on her OnlyFans profile.

De La Rosa, a few weeks after she gave birth to Cannon and De Rosa’s twin boys last summer, revealed that their pregnancy was something they were “procreating.”

De La Rosa revealed that she found out she was pregnant in April 2020 after she had lost her baby. On her 30th birthday, Masked by La Rose founder De La Rosa discovered that she was pregnant again.

De La Rosa was asked by a fan whether the pregnancy was planned. She replied that “April 2020 was my first pregnancy. Nick was such an amazing friend to me and so kind to me. Then, our focus was to have a child.”

She said that even though twins were a surprise, she believed the pregnancy was planned.

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She continued, “Let’s just say that this planning was not like us sitting down with our calendars and saying, “You gotta get pregnant by this date!” It was already a thought, and it had already happened. It was already out there. We were just letting it flow.

She captioned her post with “When friends become family.”

De La Rosa shared at the time that she would love to have more children, “if God permits.”