A man who drove wrong on his scooter on Saturday evening when Farsø, is in mortal danger, but his condition is stable.

A 46-year-old man is in death after he on Saturday evening, drove wrong on his scooter at Farsø.

It informs vagtchef by The Police Mads Hessellund at 05.00 Sunday morning.

His condition is stable now, but he is still in mortal danger. Therefore, we have informed the relatives, says Mads Hessellund.

The Police received notification that a man had been wrong on his scooter on the Grønnerupvej Efsanebahis by Farsø o’clock 18.06 Saturday.

As a patruljebil arrived at the site, it was clear that the man was seriously injured. He was, therefore, quickly brought to the Aalborg university Hospital.

– This suggests a solouheld. He is immediately not hit into anything, says Mads Hessellund.

A bilinspektør is on the spot to make inquiries. It is Sunday morning still not clear what caused the accident.

the Police reports to you as soon as possible will try to interrogate the man to find out what has happened.

The Police would like to hear from witnesses and can be contacted at 114.