Kim Madsen suffer from lungesygdommen COPD, and he had the opportunity to send a clear message to his seven-year-old I, he would do one thing:

“I had given him a little farther, as he would never forget. It, I think.”

Kim Madsen began namely smoking, since he, as a seven-year-old was good friends with a kid in the fritidshjemmet on Blågardsgade in Nørrebro.

“He would smoke, and I thought he was exciting, because he did everything that was dangerous.”

There did not, therefore, a long time, before Kim Madsen also began to smoke. Today he has smoked for 53 years of his 60 year long life. And in spite of COPD is often sucked the smoke from 60 cigarettes down in the lungs on the day.

“I’ve almost smoked a million cigarettes,” said Kim Madsen, who is in the flexible job due to attrition and the addition is known as the talkative president for Jobcentrets Victims when he visited the B. T. s livestudie.

Paradoxically want Kim Madsen to stop the unhealthy habit, but he can’t and says he has tried everything. On the other hand, he is furious that a pack of cigarettes in 2022 will cost 60 dollars package. It is this: out of the most vulnerable groups in society, he believes.

“I simply can’t have it. There are a great many old-age pensioners in Denmark, as a smoker. And many of the poor, as a smoker. So I know that there’s someone out there and will say: ‘Well, the poor can just stop smoking’. But it is just not so easy.”

But why stop with smoking? You know how unhealthy it is.

“I know, it is pissefarligt to smoke. But I have become like a drug addict or alcoholic. I can’t stop it. It is just so hard to live without that love.”

Although he has tried everything, he explained. Smoking cessation courses, acupuncture, hypnosis, pills and on.

the Red block the deal to put the price up on cigarettes come as a result of that the number of young smokers has increased in Denmark for the first time in 20 years.

Among young people aged between 16 and 24 years, there has also been an increase, and 40 new young people starting each day to smoke.

“It is deeply worrying, and that is what we are now going to set into against with a comprehensive plan of action to get young people to stay away from cigarettes,” was the message from health and ældreminister Magnus Heunicke in connection with the launch of the government’s efforts towards children and young people’s smoking.

It is about to get the young not to begin smoking, and that works the price, therefore, is it not important?

“Many old-age pensioners may have also smoked for 50 years and also can’t just put the cigarettes on the shelf. It is not something you just do. It is easy for some but very difficult for others.”

Kim Madsen is not in doubt, where in the future he will obtain cigarettes, when the price increases.

“it Stands to me, we should all give up smoking. But when the government decides taxes, which makes it really difficult for many of us to afford to smoke it, we have made in 50 years, so we need to support cigaretpusherne, where you can get a carton for 220 crowns. I will do that,” said Kim Madsen.

He stressed, as also again and again, that he will not recommend anyone to smoke, and that he still cherish a glimmer of hope to keep up.

“Them, which is knotne on me, so can rejoice in the fact that it might not be too long before I drop in the bend.”