I’m through the last week’s time has been criticized for suggesting that there is a relationship between security and freedom. By B. T. s leader. Let me bluntly explain the point of view.

I believe in and fight for a free Denmark. A society where people have as much freedom as possible.

For me, that it requires not only that we have a formal freedom, we are talking about in the skåltalerne: That we have freedom from coercion, monitoring or control. Real freedom also requires that we dare to use the freedom we have.

If we look around the world, there are many countries, where you have the same freedoms, as in Denmark, but where the citizens do not dare to take public transport in the evening, where you dare not go on the street after dark, or where those who can afford it, will have to invest in the private protection agencies or the so-called ”gated communities”.

unfortunately, There are also areas in Denmark, where security is challenged, and where I think that there is a risk that it limits the real freedom. So when the fear, for example, to go on the street in the evening makes you behave in a different way than you otherwise would have done. It is, to me, unacceptable. It is not such a Denmark, I would have.

I’m struggling to see a Denmark where we all have the same opportunities to feel comfortable – regardless of where we live, and how much money we have – and thus have the same opportunity to use our freedom.

I fully acknowledge that one can believe something else: That the most important thing is the absence of control and monitoring. I would just like to ask the critics, if we, for example, needs pill monitoring in the subway down if they think it would increase freedom?

I have a conviction that more feel more condent to take the metro in the evening, when there are cameras, and that monitoring is an important tool for the police to catch the criminals. I recognise that one can have different opinions about it.