‘It is important that we not let us be deterred by terror,’ said the ring-leader Flemming Is the conclusion of one of the shortest press conferences, the police have kept the later years.

It is noticeable that it is the operational leader in the PET, who expresses himself so clearly immediately after a big police operation.

We do not yet have the full picture of politiaktionens cause. But PET said even at the press conference, a fear of militant islamist terror.

At today’s hearings in Copenhagen and Odense were nine persons – men and women – made with charges of attempt to gather materials that can be used to make bombs. The nine persons are accused of providing guns, silencers, and other weapons that could be used by a spectacular terrorist attack.

PET has with their large-scale operation has been an early mover in order to prevent it, but they have also been waiting sufficiently long, that they have enough evidence in a subsequent trial. B. T. may, unfortunately, neither describe or test the police many clues, since all the court hearings on Thursday was held behind closed doors. The arrested person pleads not-guilty, and they are all protected by navneforbud.

How is it necessarily in the rule of law.

Denmark is one of the few countries in Europe so far has been spared the major terrorist act. Back in 2015 shot and killed a terrorist two innocent danes, Finn Nørgaard and Dan Uzan, in an attack that was described as a terrorist attack, but which turned out more to be a ‘lone wolf’.

It is noteworthy that it has managed the PET to prevent the times, there have been signs of terrorism, and it testifies to a strong and well-functioning security police, which works in close international cooperation.

It is equally is striking that most politicians, within the first arrested at all was brought to a judge, expressed himself on the social media in laudatory terms about the work of the police. As a politician today, be quick, and you must stand absolutely behind the police in their work. Of course.

Denmark is because of our engagement in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan in the spotlight for the radical islamist indie darlings and women. Denmark is, in particular, on their wishlist because of Muhammedtegningerne, which later cost cartoonist Kurt Westergaard a life-threatening assault and subsequently his personal freedom. He lives today with maximum security and can only move around with the monitoring.

We must not let ourselves be deterred by terror or threat of terror. But for some danes, including Lars Hedegaard, was attempted murdered in his home, has already led to serious restrictions in their life, solely because islamist terrorists have tried to destroy the values our society is built on.

today we should send the thoughts and thank you to the people who today pay the price for we are an open society based on democratic values.

We must not let ourselves be deterred by terror, is easier said than done, but we can find inspiration in the people who have stood against. The police prevented any action this time, but the threat is latent, constant and direct.

We must not let ourselves be deterred, but we must be vigilant.

Michael Dyrby Editor-in-chief, B. T.

Michael Dyrby is editor-in-chief of B. T. He is a former nyhedsdirektør on the TV 2