We talked about julegaveønsker on the job, and suddenly there one of the women there, says: “I would damn rather have a bottle of wine than a stupid cream from the Chemist,” and everyone nods agreement. “Yes, or a good bottle of port,” added another.

I ask the brand of it because I have discovered that my girlfriends and I have been very happy for the alcohol. Personally, I have shot the blame on the two good summers in a row and excused it with, “that they almost called on a daily intake to rosé wine”.

But the reality is that it began before and continued after.

I drink too much, and it is new. I’m not an alcoholic, but my consumption is today higher than it recommended, and it has not been before. In the past I drank never on a weekday and never alone, but today I can find to open a bottle of wine on a Wednesday and enjoy a glass or two in my own company.

By flaskecontaineren the other day I was standing and another woman, each with our bag, and while we smashed the bottles on the cape, we exchanged a small disagreement smile, seasoned with a little bit of shame. Without words synts we both have to say: “I know it seems a little sad, but it’s damn also very cozy.”

According to the statistics, drink women now just as much as men, and although it may not be the area we any had seen the equality, then it might not only be a bad thing.

“the Reason I drink more is, of course, also because I have an active social life, and that I gave me with it,” says one of the women on the job. “It is better, than I just sat at home alone and did the laundry together.”

Perhaps it is actually completely okay that we allow ourselves to enjoy something more.

Women have for generations been plagued by a well-developed sense of duty, and has filled their lives with worry and feelings of guilt. So there is nothing to say that it feels nice with a small glass of wine after work. It may seem like a, that nurture you tenderly in the neck and the wipers in your ear: “It’s gonna be alright, little darling.”

Much is also more fun to a small glass. Men are a little nicer, and their jokes a little better.

Maybe they even become a bit wiser to listen to, and it may well be needed when men and women meet in the bar. Another statistic shows that it is the wise, well-educated women who drink the most, while it in men are low skilled. So maybe it helps the interaction between the two groups, which would otherwise find it difficult to meet. Perhaps it will be wise women and stupid men both more charming of a small glass.

So while I in no way want to “approve” an overly excessive consumption of alcohol, so I would like to be with to celebrate that we are women at a higher level allows us to enjoy life and have fun. In our own and each other’s company. So merry christmas and happy new year, women. Cheers!

Maiken Wexø Head