Young people represent a prime target for banks. The faster the customer is enrolled and retained, the more important are the products that the establishment can sell him over time: savings (life insurance, PEA, passbooks, etc.) and loans, real estate in particular. To develop among 18-29 year olds, and diversify its portfolio of 20 million customers, La Banque Postale is launching its Youth Pass.

This is an online platform, accessible free of charge to young customers of the establishment from their mobile application, where ten so-called “extra-banking” services are offered. “18-29 year olds are a high-stakes target for everyone. Each bank has dedicated offers, with zero rate loans, lower rates. We wanted to differentiate ourselves, by having a global approach, which goes beyond a commercial vision”, supports Marion Rouso, general manager of retail banking.

Job search, interview preparation, consulting psychologists…

La Banque Postale intends to support them in “the highlights of their lives” with its range of free services for users, which range from job search, to learning foreign languages, preparing for interviews, consultation psychologists, the development of his well-being or even volunteering. The banking network has, for each service, entered into a partnership with a start-up specializing in the field.

The group thus hopes to “retain” its young customers. “We have 2.3 million, but many are inactive. Parents open their first account, but we see that one in two young people leaves us a few years later, underlines Marion Rouso. If we manage to keep them, we obviously hope that they will buy products from us, rather than from a competitor. »

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The director of the retail bank hopes above all to attract new ones. With its Pass Jeune, the Banque Postale aims to recruit 100,000 young people aged 18 to 29 by the end of the year, thanks in part to “the word-of-mouth effect”. “We will then see, within a year, how we can enrich the platform or modify certain services, explains Marion Rouso. We have the ambition to meet the expectations of our customers as well as possible. »