HERE EVERYTHING STARTS IN ADVANCE. In episode 402 of Here it all starts this Wednesday, Anaïs learns that Lisandro told Laurène about her pregnancy. Summary in advance and spoilers.

In Here it all begins on May 18, 2022, the Double A receives Laurène, the manager of the Sybarite who is looking to recruit two interns from the Institute. He introduces her to Ambre and Deva, two students in whom he believes a lot. For Laurène, it is also an opportunity to observe Anaïs at work. And the young woman scores points again, by defusing a complicated situation between a client and Amber. Lisandro clarifies with Laurène that he would prefer that their discussion of the day before stay between them, but she talks about it with Anaïs. Furious, the young woman once again affirms to her companion that she wishes to make her decision alone without outside pressure. Anaïs asks Lisandro to leave her alone because she needs to think.

Also in the TF1 soap opera, on the TV program this Wednesday, Théo welcomes Kelly back to the kitchens of Double A for a test during the lunch service. During the shot, the young woman, injured in the accident at the ball, has trouble keeping up. to the point that the service is falling behind. After a while, Kelly ends up organizing, with the help of Tom, her workspace well enough so that she no longer needs to move, which allows her to have less pain, but above all to to be more efficient. At the end of the service, Théo decides that she will again be an integral part of the workforce the next day. “Wonder Woman is in the place!” Tom exclaims.

In episode 402 of Here it all begins this Wednesday, May 18, Jasmine needs to have her sick son looked after so that she can go to school, but no one can take care of him. On an idea from Axel, she decides to call on her parents who are happy to take care of him. They get an appointment with a pediatrician (“a friend of a friend”, they warn) who tells them he has bronchiolitis. At the same time, Salomé tries to apologize for talking about Claire Guinot’s doubts about Jasmine. She explains to Laëtitia that she does not appreciate seeing Axel and Jasmine together. She advises him to call Axel to make a statement. Salomé therefore phones him and he picks up without knowing it while he is sleeping with Jasmine. This will once again sour the relationship between the two young women!