The maximum price of the 12.5-kilogram butane cylinder has risen today by 4.94%, to 19.55 euros, which represents a new historical maximum. This year alone it has become more expensive by 15.5% (from 16.92 euros) and in the last twelve months by 33.5% (14.64 euros in May 2021).

The price of the butane cylinder, a product of which almost 70 million containers of different capacities are consumed, is reviewed every two months.

The butane cylinder accumulates ten upward revisions, since November 2020, when it rose to 12.68 euros.

This rise, according to the BOE, is due to the sharp rise in the prices of raw materials (6.13%) and freight rates (9.83%) to which is added the depreciation of the euro against the dollar (3 .61%).

It should be noted that the increase in the maximum price has been mitigated by the upper variation limit of 5% in the price without taxes dictated by Order IET/389/2015, of March 5. If this limit did not exist, the price without taxes of the bottle would have increased by 8.19% and would have exceeded 20 euros.