Munich Airport will temporarily suspend operations again on Tuesday due to the winter weather. An airport spokesman said there will be no take-offs and landings from the start of operations at 6 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The reason is the announced freezing rain on the night of Monday to Tuesday, which will probably make safe flight operations in the morning and mid-morning impossible.

At least 150 takeoffs and 160 landings were affected on Tuesday. According to the airport, more than 770 departures and arrivals are planned for the day. In the event of the announced freezing rain, the airport wants to use the first half of the day to de-ice the operating areas. The plan is to start air traffic again from midday, it was said. However, the flight schedule will probably still be severely restricted in the afternoon. Passengers should plan for this accordingly and find out more from their airline.

Because of the restrictions on air traffic due to the severe onset of winter in large parts of Bavaria, around 1,500 passengers were still stranded at Munich Airport on Monday evening, as the spokesman said.