After it was pretty frosty at the beginning of the week, it’s finally getting warm. Spring shows its best and warmest side just in time for the beginning of the wonderful month of May – at least in the south and east of the country.

The maximum values ​​on Monday will be 21 to 26 degrees, in the extreme west and southwest and in the north 18 to 21 degrees. It does cool down to 12 to 6 degrees in the evening and at night and in the west and northwest there can be occasional showers or individual thunderstorms. But according to the German Weather Service (DWD), large parts of Germany will get a small foretaste of the approaching summer in the coming days.

“The weather situation has changed in such a way that cool air masses of polar origin are no longer being directed into Germany from the north. Thanks to the low Dunja, a southwesterly flow has set in and warmer air masses can now reach Germany,” explains the DWD meteorologist Tanya Sauter. “In addition, high pressure influences the weather in the south and east, which results in plenty of sunshine.”

Although there will also be isolated and sometimes strong thunderstorms in the western half of the day on Tuesday, temperatures will reach highs of 20 to 24 degrees in the west and north – and even 24 to 29 degrees in the east and south.

On Wednesday night and throughout the day it will remain cloudy in the west and southwest, with occasional showers or thunderstorms. In the east and south it is clear, partly cloudy and dry with highs between 20 degrees on the coast and 28 degrees on the Spree.

While the weather on Thursday in the south as well as in the west will vary from cloudy to very cloudy with isolated, sometimes strong thunderstorms, the north and east can continue to enjoy sunshine and temperatures between 19 degrees in the Upper Rhine and up to 28 degrees in the eastern half be happy.

Would you like to know where the temperatures are currently highest in Germany? The live map below shows it. In the menu at the top right of the map you can change the view, for example to “Thunderstorm”. For a forecast of the coming days, click on the “Play” button at the bottom left. A view with severe weather warnings is also possible. You can move the crop and zoom in or out as you wish.

The service is provided by The makers use the model from the “European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts” for their representations and forecasts.

The beautiful weather also has a downside for many people, as it promotes pollen counts. Watch the video above: The pollen season is often torture for allergy sufferers. It is particularly annoying when the pollen even finds its way into your own four walls and you are no longer safe from it even there. With a few simple tricks you can make your home allergy-friendly.

Sources: DWD,, with material from DPA