The new political formation of the son of the former leader of Unió Valenciana, Vicente González-Lizondo, is called ‘VLC Unida x Lo Nostre’, it will seek agreements with local formations to stand for election and will carry out castings to find candidates for mayor.

These are some of the lines with which this electoral coalition between VLC Unida and Lo Nostre was born and which was presented this Thursday. In addition to Lizondo, the director of the Valencian Language and Literature Section of the Royal Academy of Valencian Culture (RACV), Voro López, and the president of Lo Nostre, Tomás Meliá, as well as members of both formations participated.

As they have pointed out, the implementation of the formation will be developed through both municipal agreements with local formations, as well as a “new political marketing action” such as the casting of candidates for mayor of those municipalities where the coalition wishes set up your organization.

The organization looks for people linked to the locality in which they present themselves and the selection will be made by a committee, which will be made up of the president and general secretary of VLC Unida, a psychologist, a philologist, a human resources technician and a jurist. The person interviewed will make a personal presentation of about three minutes and will have to answer some questions from the committee.