MONTREAL – Specialized in the rental of converted vans, the Montreal company Le Baroudeur also offers conversion kits for cars. It has just launched, this spring, a specific model for SUVs and urban vehicles.

“We realized that sleeping in your car has become more and more popular in recent years, explains Gabriel Jousset, the founder. We had already developed kits for minivans and vans. This was not yet the case for SUVs”.

This is now done for this category of vehicles that is increasingly popular with motorists.

What amenities?

The structure is a modular tangle of plywood and plywood panels. This allows, depending on the configuration chosen, to sleep on an adjustable bed (single or double) and to have a kitchen on drawers with sink, optimized storage and even an outdoor table.

Designed and manufactured in Montreal from the Toyota Rav4, this kit adapts to many vehicle models and attaches quickly, in 5 minutes, according to the manufacturer.

“We are aiming for the ultimate adventurer, explains Gabriel Jousset. The one who wants to go on the road, with minimalist comfort, but who doesn’t feel like sleeping in his tent, on a ground mattress. It can also be suitable for two people for short weekend getaways.”

Selling price of this kit: $1295. This does not include the mattress – which can be purchased directly from Le Baroudeur for $350 – nor certain equipment: the stove, the flexible propane hose, the water supply and the fastening straps.

It is possible to travel to the company’s premises to shop and have this conversion kit installed.

Remember that Le Baroudeur also offers, in addition to the rental of fitted vans, the sale and rental of roof tents as well as kits for minivans or vans and “Cuis’In” kitchens. However, it will not be possible to rent the kit for SUVs.