After an incredible stay on the island of Madeira, a short stopover in Lisbon gives me 72 hours to explore other places in the country. Once the rental car is collected, I head south without hesitation. In less than two hours, I tread the ground of the Algarve, a region appreciated for its seaside resorts, its beaches and its steep cliffs. As far as I’m concerned, I’m aiming for a very specific objective… Capture the sunset over the tip of Cape Saint-Vincent (cabo de São Vicente).

The first thing that strikes me when arriving in the village of Sagres is its “surf culture”, a lifestyle omnipresent in the landscape. Here and there, colorful boards are leaning on the snack bars, frescoes of waves adorn the buildings, billboards from the many surf schools remind us of their importance on the island. In the distance, a red and white lighthouse perched on a rock catches my eye. I am approaching Cape Saint-Vincent. Cliffs 60 meters high jut out into the ocean and shape the westernmost point of Europe, once considered the end of the world by great explorers. A lighthouse dominating the horizon, the diversity of the landscapes, as well as the richness of the historical heritage deserve to linger at Cape Saint-Vincent. At dusk, the panorama is sumptuous!

-The author was invited by TAP Air Portugal.