There are still unknown corners in the North and yet within everyone’s reach. This is the case of Parc de la Rivière-Doncaster, in Sainte-Adèle, a very pleasant place to walk, picnic and tease the trout.

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No sooner have you taken a path from the reception than you feel disoriented by the wild aspect of the river. In places, it really feels like a backcountry forest. Yet the A-15 is only a few kilometers away.

Easy access

I will always remember the day when I met on the La Familiale trail (formerly the Grand Sentier) a father with his blind son in his twenties whom he was gently holding by the arm. The guy greeted me with a broad smile, like he seemed happy to be there.

Was it the tranquility of the place or simply the pleasure of hearing the rapids flow? The ease of access to the La Familiale trail must also have had something to do with it.

You can even go there with a wheelchair or with a stroller. At the beginning of the season, as a precaution, it is however good to check, before departure, if the linear path of 2 km is accessible over the entire length.

Along the shores

To the east of the footbridge, a few steps from the reception, La Familiale closely follows the river. To the west, the river follows it at the beginning of the route to gradually move away.

Unless you are with young children, it is better not to turn back, because by taking trail no. 1, you will discover the most spectacular part of the river. Rather steep, strewn with rocks and roots, the route leads to waterfalls between cliffs.

Rapids in the mountains

To enjoy the beauty of the river, another route is also to be discovered. Just take trail no. 2 east of the reception, south of the stream and in the middle of the forest, to the bridge that you cross to return via La Familiale. Round trip: 2 km.

If you are tempted by a walk in the mountains, it is trail no. 9 that you should take. At the top, at an altitude of 373 m, the view covers other Laurentian mountains. Route: 2 km round trip. Once back on La Familiale, it is good to relax by the river.


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