His Majesty the King did not want to miss the opportunity today, on Armed Forces Day, to underline that “at the gates of Europe there is a war” and that “we have to remind Ukrainian society, which is suffering an unjustified attack and brutal Russia. They have been a few words pronounced in the toast after the military parade held in Huesca.

Don Felipe highlighted the event that Spain celebrates on Monday: the 40th anniversary of accession to the Atlantic Alliance. That is why he wanted to remember in the toast of all the allied countries, “all those who, serving with the NATO flag, also the EU and the UN, have given and given their lives.”

There have also been words for the members of the Spanish Armed Forces who “are permanently working for us on missions and ensuring our safety.”

But before this toast, organized by Huesca City Council, the central act of Armed Forces Day took place: the military parade of 3,279 troops along the axis of Juan XXIII Avenue. It was the first central act of this event that was celebrated since it took place in Seville in 2019. In a pandemic, only a small event was held at the Royal Palace in Madrid.

Don Felipe and Doña Letizia have presided over Difas – as the celebration is known in Defense – in a festive atmosphere in Huesca. Balconies adorned with the Spanish flag, long live the King, the Armed Forces and Spain and with a city devoted to hosting its most massive event of the year. The hotel industry has made its weekend, which is also what it is all about and it is the reason why this parade moves out of Madrid under normal circumstances.

While waiting, from some balcony near the rostrum, some reference was made to current affairs – «May Paz Esteban come», in relation to the dismissal of the director of the CNI or «Margarita, Margarita», with a snippy tone, in reference to Defense Minister. However, the tone was one of absolute respect during the act. No whistles or boos or anything similar to what happens in the military parade on October 12 with Pedro Sánchez.

Felipe VI has chosen on this occasion the uniform of Captain General of the Land, given the harmony of this Army with the province of Huesca.

The most emotional moments of the act have been experienced in the act of hoisting and paying homage to the national flag, which was brought in a paratrooper jump, and the subsequent memory of those who gave their lives for Spain, with the anthem of ‘La muerte It is not the end’.

After this tribute and coinciding with the end of the prayer call, the Eagle Patrol made a first pass dyeing the blue sky of Huesca red and yellow (almost white… everything must be said).

On this occasion, the Armed Forces Day had as its motto “40 years of active participation in NATO”. For this reason, the flag of the Atlantic Alliance and the 30 countries that form it had their leading role in the parade. This event will be held on Monday at the Teatro Real in Madrid with the presence of Felipe VI, the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, and the President of the Government and previous former presidents.