Giuseppe D’Anna (19) has taken the internet by storm. He posted a TikTok video showing his proposal for his girlfriend, a 76-year old woman. Critics claim that she is too old to be his great-grandmother.

Trolls have criticized the age gap between the teen and his pensioner girlfriend, so he proposed to her older woman.

Giuseppe D’Anna (19) has taken the internet by storm since he posted a TikTok video showing his proposal for his girlfriend (who is 76).

On Tuesday, the young man who has over 191,000 followers on the video-sharing platform posted a collection of images showing him kneeling on his right leg in front of his girlfriend.

He is seen holding over a dozen balloons in the form of hearts and passionately kissing his lady.

The caption for the video, which has been viewed over 138,500 times is ‘La nostra prosesa’.

This means “our promise” in English.

This compilation also includes a selfie of Giuseppe and a photo Giuseppe in what appears to be a gold chain, and his bride-tobe holding a rose.

Guiseppe also shared a photo of the ring with whom he proposed.

Despite the reactions of the trolls, he captioned the video with this: “And this is just the beginning of a long series.”

Many speculated about Giuseppe’s relationship with the older woman in the post.

One commenter on his TikTok content implied that he was trying to chase her will. Another commented: “Oh, she rich…We all know why he is in it for.”

Another person believed he wanted a Sony PlayStation 5