12.99 euros per month for an all-net flat rate including 40 gigabytes of data volume in the Vodafone network: That sounds like a bargain. The regular tariff at Freenet costs 46.99 euros per month. The mobile operator is offering the tariff with a hefty discount until September 29th. We show whether the deal is worth it.

The savings potential is quite considerable at 34 euros per month. And that’s not all. The cost of the connection fee of 39.99 euros can also be saved if an SMS with the content “App free” is sent to 22240 within 30 days of activating the contract.

The details of the offer:

Click here for the offer at Freenet

Even if 12.99 euros for a mobile phone contract with a 40 gigabyte data flat rate sounds more than tempting – it’s still worth taking a look at the details. Anyone who chooses this offer will sign a contract for two years, which will be automatically extended if not canceled in time. If users no longer want to use the tariff, the provider must receive notice of cancellation at least one month before the end of the contract. If the deadline is missed, the basic amount increases to 46.99 euros.

You can get an even cheaper tariff from the provider Crash. This currently advertises 7.99 euros per month for a 15 gigabyte all-network flat rate.

The details about the crash tariff:

Click here for the offer at Crash

15 gigabytes is also an impressive data volume that is more than enough for surfing the net, writing chat messages, listening to music and watching videos. The only drawback: the speed at which data is transferred here is 50 megabits per second. With Freenet it is twice the speed. However, in everyday life, this speed is absolutely fine.

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