Interview: Ambassador Taranjit Sandhu’s Vision for Amritsar’s Future

Former diplomat and BJP’s Amritsar Lok Sabha candidate Taranjit Singh Sandhu recently sat down for an interview with Vinod Sharma to discuss his transition from diplomacy to politics and his plans for the city of Amritsar. Sandhu, who hails from the Majha region and comes from a family deeply rooted in public service, emphasized the urgent need for development in Amritsar.

Sandhu highlighted the pressing issues that have been neglected in Amritsar, including law and order, the drug epidemic, low incomes, and poor infrastructure. He stressed the importance of utilizing technology to address these challenges and improve connectivity in the city to boost the economy and tourism sector.

Addressing the history of BJP candidates in Amritsar, Sandhu expressed his focus on the future rather than dwelling on the past. He emphasized his commitment to serving the people of Amritsar and bringing about positive change for the city’s development.

Sandhu also touched upon his talking points, referencing External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s remarks on the need for a visionary leader in Amritsar to drive progress and address key issues such as drug abuse and sanitation.

When questioned about his decision to join the BJP instead of contesting on the Akali Dal ticket, Sandhu emphasized his long-standing association with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the party’s track record of addressing Sikh issues and promoting development in India. He highlighted the BJP’s efforts to commemorate Sikh leaders and improve access to religious sites for the Sikh community.

Despite facing challenges such as anti-incumbency and opposition from agitating farmers, Sandhu remains determined to enhance farmers’ incomes and promote agricultural exports from Amritsar. He stressed the importance of dialogue and cooperation to address farmers’ concerns and leverage Amritsar’s potential as a hub for agricultural processing and export.

In conclusion, Sandhu affirmed his commitment to staying in Amritsar regardless of the election outcome, citing ongoing support from the Punjabi Diaspora and plans for substantial investment in the city’s development. He urged the public to look beyond political divisions and focus on the collective goal of transforming Amritsar into a thriving, smart city that reflects its rich history and potential for growth.