Bharat Ek Another Khoj Through Eyes of Polling Staff | Exclusive Coverage

In a remarkable display of dedication and courage, the polling personnel in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in India went above and beyond to ensure the smooth functioning of the electoral process. From treacherous terrains to facing personal challenges, these unsung heroes played a crucial role in enabling nearly 970 million voters to exercise their right to vote.

When Hills Beckon Twice

In Uttarakhand, polling parties embarked on challenging treks to remote villages not once, but twice, to ensure elderly voters could cast their ballots. The efforts of these individuals in areas with no road connectivity highlight their unwavering commitment to democracy.

Bedbugs, Itchy Welts

Rukmini Patnaik, a PWD engineer serving as a presiding officer in Bhubaneswar, faced numerous challenges while on duty, including dealing with bedbugs and inadequate sanitation facilities. Despite the hardships, she and her team persevered to fulfill their duty.

Band, Baaja, Ballot

Anil Kumar Goswami, a primary school assistant teacher, recalled his unique experience of conducting polling in a remote village near the Nepal border in Uttar Pradesh. The festive send-off and adventurous journey underscored the importance of their role in upholding the democratic process.

IEDs, Snakes, Mosquitoes…

In Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli, polling personnel braved life-threatening situations in Maoist territory, navigating treacherous terrain and facing natural hazards to enable villagers to participate in the electoral process for the first time in decades.

Maoist Territory Trek

Surendra Yadav, an employee in Jharkhand, recounted his journey to a Maoist-dominated village to conduct elections, emphasizing the warmth and hospitality of the locals despite initial apprehensions. The scenic surroundings and voter turnout highlighted the significance of their efforts.

Defying Physical Limitations

Jitendra Kumar Sahi, a government employee with a physical ailment, demonstrated unwavering dedication to his duty as a polling official in Jharkhand. His resilience and commitment to conducting elections serve as an inspiration to others.

Dedication Amid Grief

Vadodara DC Vivek Tank’s decision to return to his election duties shortly after his wife’s passing exemplifies his dedication and sense of responsibility. Despite personal loss, Tank chose to fulfill his duty, emphasizing the importance of seeing the electoral process through.

Last Voter, 100% Voting

In a remote village in Madhya Pradesh, a small team of election officials ensured 100% voter turnout by locating the last voter amidst challenges such as wildlife encounters and adverse weather conditions. Their perseverance and commitment to their duty were instrumental in achieving this feat.

Down South, Uphill Task

Election staff faced an uphill trek in Tamil Nadu to reach remote polling booths, highlighting the physical challenges they encountered in ensuring voter participation. Despite the arduous journey, their dedication to the electoral process remained unwavering.


The stories of polling personnel in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in India shed light on the immense challenges they faced and their unwavering commitment to upholding the democratic process. From remote villages to Maoist strongholds, these individuals went above and beyond to ensure that every eligible voter had the opportunity to cast their ballot, embodying the true spirit of democracy in the world’s largest electoral exercise.