Launched into a real media marathon since the signing of his new contract for Paris Saint-Germain, Kylian Mbappé is invited to express himself and give his opinion on many diverse and varied subjects. A journalist from the Brazilian channel TNT Sports asked the French striker what were his five favorites for the World Cup in Qatar. “There is France, already”, first replied the reigning world champion before mentioning the competitors of the Blues. Bondy’s crack is especially wary of European selections.

“Brazil are a good team. Afterwards, there are quite a few European teams too. The advantage that we Europeans have is that we play among ourselves with high-level matches all the time, such as the Nations League for example. When we arrive at the World Cup, we are ready where Brazil and Argentina do not have this level in South America, believes Mbappé. Football is not as advanced as in Europe. That’s why in the last World Cups, it’s always the Europeans who win.