It is thanks to the curiosity of a 70-year-old that a marriage proposal on Christmas Eve in Lübeck didn’t fall through. On the morning of December 24, she found a jewelry package on the street in the Kücknitz district, the police said on Tuesday. She opened the package and found a box with two rings inside. At first she thought it was a Christmas tree decoration and wanted to get rid of it.

A man had recently lost this box on the street and reported the loss to the police. “He could only describe the contents as jewelry because his partner, for whom the gift was intended, overheard it,” the investigators said. The package must have fallen out of the stroller.

According to the police, the man had already set out to get a replacement for the rings he believed had been lost. Then the woman called the police. The officials mediated the contact. “So he was able to pick up the rings from the lady and make his proposal in the evening as planned.” A police spokesman said it was not known whether the 70-year-old would be invited to the wedding.