Consultation postponed. The Government of Catalonia has announced this Friday that it has decided to postpone the referendum that it planned to hold on July 24 in the Catalan Pyrenees to find out whether or not the territory wanted to hold the Winter Olympics in 2030. It does, argues the Executive Catalan, because it makes no sense to ask about a project whose details are not defined, but he hopes to be able to celebrate it after this summer.

The plans of the Generalitat included counting on the residents of the area to validate the project, after this consultation was one of the conditions of the CUP in exchange for investing Pere Aragonès. “Out of respect for the citizens who had to vote on the 24th, we have decided to postpone the consultations.

People who have to vote must have all the information available on the table to decide«, the Minister of the Presidency, Laura Vilagrà, assured this Friday.

The spokeswoman for the Generalitat has blamed Aragón for the failure in the negotiations but has once again insisted on reaching agreements with the neighboring community. «We want to close the candidacy quickly. We demand speed«, the Minister of the Presidency, Laura Vilagrà, has claimed, who has recalled that a «competitive and winning candidacy» must be achieved. “Catalonia has never gotten up from the table,” she recalled.

This new stone in the path of the candidacy comes after this week the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) extended the deadline to “seek a way out” and achieve an agreement between Catalonia and Aragon for the Games. Until shortly before, it had been tried, not without effort, but the disagreements, especially from the Aragonese Government, hindered the final pact to be able to advance with the candidacy.

Far from the requests of the Government, the CUP has taken the opportunity to demand that the Generalitat “withdraw” the candidacy. “You cannot continue investing public money in this project for another day,” the anti-capitalists have claimed from their Twitter account.

In addition, the platform Stop JJ.OO. believes that there is no political or social agreement to host the Olympic event. “The Government is going from ridiculous to ridiculous and we demand that it stop playing with the territory,” a spokesperson for the platform told Catalunya Ràdio.