The Generalitat Valenciana has established the university pre-registration period for the 2022-2023 academic year from June 20 to July 8 for all students who take the university entrance exam (PAU) in June or July 2022. Also for students from previous years, graduates, those from training cycles, those from access for those over 25, 40 or 45 and foreign students.

The call is unique and is resolved for all participants on July 15, 2022, based on award priorities. In the first place, the students with approved access in previous courses and the students who pass the ordinary PAU exam in June 2022, have preference over the students who pass the PAU in the extraordinary exam in July.

Secondly, the subjects of the Voluntary Phase or of the modality or the foreign language of the Compulsory Phase approved in the extraordinary call of July 2022 will not be counted for the preferential award to those students who have approved the PAU in June 2022 or years previous, details the Generalitat in a statement.

The pre-registration request to obtain a place in the first year of official university studies will be carried out electronically through the assistant, consult here. Those who have to present any other documentation, will also do so through the assistant, scanning the documentation and uploading it to the web in the corresponding section during the pre-registration application process.

Students who participate in the extraordinary call for the PAU will have to apply for pre-registration without knowing their grades, since these will be announced on July 12. In order to submit the pre-registration request, they will be provided with a password on the first day of the tests with which they will be able to access the pre-registration, and a computer program will load their grades into the system, when available, before the assessment process. and allocation of seats.

The deadline for submitting claims will be three business days from the publication of the results, that is, on July 18, 19 and 20, ending the claims period on the 20th at 2:00 p.m.

Students who have not obtained a place in the desired studies and are on the waiting list must consult the corresponding university websites to continue confirming their interest in the desired degree.

Students who do not obtain a place when the pre-registration process is resolved with the initial assignment or later in the management of the waiting lists carried out by the universities, must consult their web pages, and contact them in the month of September to apply for vacant places.