The Faculty of Law of the Complutense University of Madrid has launched a new double degree in Law and Military Legal Studies with the aim of training law students in this specialty that is increasingly in demand.

It is an academic offer that has not existed until now in any university, since there are no undergraduate military legal studies -the ones that exist are postgraduate (master’s)- and it will be taught as part of a double degree with Law so that graduates they can then do the ‘Master of Access to the Legal Profession’ that is enabling to practice the profession of lawyer.

It is a complete double degree, which is taught in 5 years and will be taught at the Faculty of Law of the UCM as the responsible center and whose dean is Ricardo Alonso GarcĂ­a.

Among the reasons why the UCM launches this double degree in Law and Legal-Military Studies are also:

– reasons related to the promotion of the Defense culture and integration between society and the Armed Forces

– the necessary implementation of a non-existent academic training in the educational offer that in turn allows modernizing, updating and internationalizing higher education with military content

-the professionalization needs of the Armed Forces, the implementation of a training offer for this purpose and the promotion of the rights of military personnel within the military structure

– the deepening of the cooperative experience between the Armed Forces and the Complutense University of Madrid in legal matters

– The aim is to achieve a better preparation of future graduates, allowing them to combine it with obtaining a Law Degree, which will enable these students to access, once they have passed the corresponding postgraduate training and state exam, the exercise of the legal profession.

The course will be implemented successively, year by year, beginning in 2022/2023.