After the attack in a gym in downtown Duisburg, a suspect was arrested on Sunday night. This is a 26-year-old, as the public prosecutor’s office in Duisburg confirmed on Sunday at the request of the German Press Agency. The “image” had previously reported.

Four people were seriously injured in the attack on Tuesday evening with a slashing and stabbing weapon.

The suspect had also been searched for using photos from a surveillance camera since Friday. The Duisburg prosecutor Jill McCuller reported that the access took place shortly after midnight. The suspect will be brought before the magistrate this Monday. Further details about the access and the background to the crime were not initially communicated.

According to the prosecutor on Saturday, the 21-year-old, against whom the attack is said to have been aimed, was still in mortal danger. Of three other victims who are said not to have been the direct target of the attack, two 24-year-olds are still in the hospital, but not in mortal danger. Only one 32-year-old injured person has so far been released from the clinic.