Glasgow school chiefs at Cathkin High, Ruthergeln (Lanarkshire), were criticised for having only 15 toilets available for their 1,000 students as they tried to curb vaping.

One school in Glasgow was criticised for having only 15 vapers per class, limiting its 1,000 students to one subject: Vaping.

Cathkin High School in Rutherglen (Lanarkshire) closed most of its toilets to curb pupils who were sneakily puffing during class.

They’re now being accused of being “heavy-handed” and embarrassing the girls at the Scottish school.

Lanarkshire Live reports that it is embarrassing and bad for students’ health.

An anonymous parent shared that her daughter felt awkward when she tried to find open facilities.

“It’s absurd that children are restricted from accessing the toilets. It is an essential human right. Being unable to use the toilets is bad for their physical health.”

The school has accessible toilets that are available throughout the day. However, the communal toilets are only open at lunchtime and morning intervals. This means that pupils have limited access to toilets if they need them during lessons.

MSP Monica Lennon, a period poverty activist, said that she was concerned about the negative effects of limiting facilities on female pupils.

She stated that “Limiting access school toilets places the health, well-being and dignity of children’s and young people at high risk.”

“All schools need to have a thorough understanding of the health needs of all pupils, even those who have bowel or bladder problems.

“It can be especially bad when classes come out after the school day ends, because there are so many students around, and they don’t have the facilities open then.