Keven Jones, a Wrexham resident, died from cardiac arrest after he was caring for his dog. The dog bit his leg while he was walking it. Blood poured from the wound, and the dog had to be put down.

After his son’s attack on him while he was caring for it, a father cried his last words.

Keven Jones was killed by Cookie, an American Bully dog. Monday morning

The 62-year old offered to take care of his son’s pets dogs while he was at Wembley to see his football team Wrexham.

He was home with Chanel Fong, his 28-year old daughter-in-law when the dog bit his leg. Blood gushed from the wound.

Chanel shared the final words of her father-in law’s death on Facebook.

He was yelling at the dog to “Get off of me!” She ran up to the horrendous wound and wrote that she saw blood “pumping from Kev’s leg”.

Keven exclaimed, “He got me!” before she attempted to stop the blood flow and called an ambulance.

The dad was becoming more and more inept and finally told Chanel that he was going.

Keven passed away from a cardiac arrest on May 23, 2009.

The attack occurred at Wrexham’s property.

As she attempted to save Keven, Chanel’s hands were covered in blood.

She wrote that she witnessed the entire incident and described it in terrible detail.

Cookie is a huge head-play boy who anyone has ever met knows.

He’s not aggressive at all. He’s still a tiny pup, and he bounces around …”.