Android is a platform not to evolve and are constant updates that can be installed by the owner of a platform device, as long as support the new version. However, the operating system has a number of shortcuts or tricks that can significantly improve the experience of use of the device, and are not always known by the majority of users. If this christmas you have a new Android mobile or already enjoyed one, you should review the following tricks that maybe you didn’t know, and that will allow you to obtain the maximum performance of the device.

How to capture a photo using the volume button as trigger

The camera has become the most used function on the mobile phone and the developers have taken this into account when providing a function that not everyone knows: use the volume button as shutter button to take photos. Using this button we reproduce the gesture natural to the camera, but in addition to avoid the possible movements using both hands when a photo is taken. To activate this function go to Settings/camera Settings and activating a Function of the volume button.

How to locate mobile phone if you lost it

there is No worse feeling than the feeling when you can’t find your mobile phone, even when it has been lost within the home and How to locate it? Google has managed to ensure that this possibility is really simple: just visit in the browser the address or even more simple, by typing in a browser in which we have registered our account of Google, “where is my mobile”; in both cases, if the device is turned on will appear on a map and we can run multiple actions, like playing sounds or even delete it remotely.

How to return to the previous screen by using a gesture

Android allows you to easily return to the previous screen using a simple gesture and avoid having to press buttons. So, if we are reading an email and want to return to the inbox, simply make the gesture more intuitive: move the finger from left to right.

Líbrate of the pre-installed apps that you don’t need

The well-known as bloatware, or apps that come loaded on the phone-either by the manufacturer or the operator – can become a serious problem when you go right of space, or it detects an excessive consumption of battery. These applications have not been voluntarily installed by the user and it makes no sense to keep them in the mobile can Be uninstalled? Fortunately, yes. Android allows you to disable those applications that are not needed, so that they do not occupy neither space nor resources on the device; to do this go to Settings/Applications and notifications, select the app in question and disable it.

what Presbyopia? So you can increase the font of the text

make No mistake: there is no gesture that avejente rather than having to resort to the glasses up to be able to pay the account in a bar. Those who walk still on that border in that they are able to dodge this inevitable gesture, can withstand a few years or months more to expand the source of mobile phone How do you do it? In Settings/Accessibility/Vision will find the option to increase the font size by default, or configure the gestures to activate the precious magnifying glass.

Program the automatic on / off of mobile

The best of the smart device is to stop operating functions for us, and a as simple as and cycle on and off without the need of user intervention, it can be really useful. If one has a few fixed habits throughout the week, you can go to Settings/intelligent Assistance/scheduled Power on and off and specify there the hours and days.